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The Zen of Eggplant and Tesla August 5, 2012

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Well today’s the day.  Ok, probably not.  But according to the calendar today is 40 weeks to the day of our last insemination and thus, our due date.  We’re beyond ready, which is probably why this baby seems to be taking his/her time coming out to greet the world.  Surely if we still hadn’t bought a crib or already installed the car seat, the baby would’ve come three weeks early.  Alas, we’re planners, and seem to be as ready as anyone can be to welcome a newborn into our lives.  So here we sit and wait.

In the last few days we’ve done our homework, and have decided to try anything we can to bring on labor.  I’ve been taking walks around the neighborhood (if my lumbering waddle can qualify as a walk), sitting and rolling around on an exercise ball, and squatting and stretching as much as I can.  I’ve had spicy food, a glass of red wine and orgasms (not all at the same time).  I draw the line at castor oil.  I’d rather be pregnant for another week or two than drink that.

Looks low-cal, huh?

Last night we opted for local folklore.  There’s an old school italian restaurant just north of Atlanta called Scalini’s that swears their eggplant parmigiana will induce labor inside of 48 hours.  Allegedly several thousand women have given birth within a few days of eating it and as a result they seat 5-10 pregnant women for each dinner service; I was the 4th last night at only 6:30.  One woman’s water even broke in the parking lot on her way to the car.  They’re so sure the little magic potion will work that if you eat there and give birth within the next 2 days, you can come back for a $25 voucher, baby t-shirt and a spot on their Eggplant Baby wall.  So I did it – I don’t care about the voucher or t-shirt, and I’m pretty sure our baby’s first claim to fame doesn’t need to be on the dark walls of a 30-year-old restaurant – I just want to get this party started.  I’m not a fan of eggplant in general, but I have to admit it was awfully tasty.  The key to their success is most likely that the fat content in the dish raises your blood pressure in such a way that your body is forced to expel all large objects – like babies.  Either that, or MKL is right and they put pitocin in the marinara.

No matter the secret, it hasn’t worked so far.  I really didn’t expect it to, but I’m kind of a skeptic when it comes to things like this.  Not so with my wife.  She has taken any out-of-the-ordinary news we’ve heard in the past 24 hours as a sign that the baby’s on its way.  Her dad shot a 75 yesterday on the golf course.  Great score – must mean there’s a baby coming soon.  Our bff’s mother won money in a scratch-off lottery ticket – that’s good luck for a delivery this weekend.  For months, our dog has been parading around the house with a bone in her mouth, just showing off.  This morning, without warning she started to eat it.  So of course she’s just trying to make sure it’s gone before the baby gets here…today.  No line at Publix?  It’s a great sign.  Call me a child of the 80’s, but I can’t stop singing Tesla.

Everyone has an idea of when I’ll go into labor.  MKL’s mother thinks she’ll get a phone call tomorrow morning at 10:15; my mother just says, “late…after your due date,” a friend of a friend has even said “something will happen” tonight between 6:00-7:00.  MKL has made 2 guesses, both of which were wrong, so now she just breathes deeply – and loudly – as if she can either sigh or not breathe at all.  As I told a friend earlier, I’ve given up on making predictions, mostly because I detest being wrong.  So until the baby comes, we’ll just continue to talk to my belly.  We’ll just keep telling the monkey, “You’re so special.  We can’t wait to meet you.  Everyone’s ready to see you.  Come on out already!”  And we’ll just keep looking for signs.  Hmph.  I finished this post exactly on the hour.  Pretty sure that means we’re going to have a baby today.

Signs, signs, everywhere there’s signs.


(The Two-Week) Waiting is the Hardest Part July 25, 2012

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I’ve had a lot of time lately to sit and reflect back on the last year.  After all, it hasn’t even been a year since our first insemination attempt.  Let me start by thanking God for that.  Publicly.  And let me also tell all of you who are still ttc to hang in there.  It will happen for you, and it will be a glorious ride.

Now that I’ve reminded myself of how grateful I am to be pregnant, here comes my rant of the day: this 2ww is worse than any other we experienced while ttc.  I know, I know…shut up, pregnant girl…you’re so lucky.  But really, once you’re in this boat (and you will be if you want to be!!), you will understand exactly where I’m coming from and you’ll look back and apologize for all the nasty names you just called me.  You see, the last 2 weeks of pregnancy are agony.  With every contraction, every movement of the belly, every weird twinge or pain south of the border, I’m absolutely convinced labor is starting.  And guess what?  It’s not!  So just like last August, September, October, and November, I’m keenly in tune with my body, and waiting for any sign that the baby’s coming.  And just like those months that told me any symptom of the hormones were actually pregnancy symptoms, every pregnancy symptom now seems to signal labor.  It’s the dreaded 2ww all over again.  And just like those other 2ww’s, there’s nothing in the world that would be enough to distract me.  People at work keep asking why I’m not relaxing at home.  Uh…because I can’t sleep, let alone relax, and there’s nothing left to do but look at the completed nursery, hoping and praying there will be a baby in it soon.

It doesn’t help that I’m one of 4 pregnant women in my immediate stratosphere who were/are due within a few weeks of one another.  The first had her baby about 2 weeks ago, 4 days shy of her due date.  Number 2 came yesterday, right on time (at 10+ lbs…God bless that sweet girl and what I’d imagine are her very sore lady-parts!!).  And the 3rd will be induced Monday, 6 days early.  Not that it’s a race or a competition, but I’m most definitely bringing up the rear (in more ways than one, if you’ve seen my ass lately…). 

This week’s check-up let us know that the baby will be an estimated 8.5 lbs.  Hmph.  Not really sure how to feel about that.  I’m a tall girl, the donor’s tall, and I come from tall stock.  So I guess having a small baby would be like my wearing a size 5 shoe – it would just look weird.  We’ll see how accurate our doc’s guess is.  He didn’t care to make any kind of estimate of when I’ll deliver and still saw no need to do a cervical check.  But out of the 4 pregnant ladies in my world, surely the law of averages will have one of us delivering late.  If you’re keeping score, that’s probably me.  My boss wants me working a reduced schedule because he’s paranoid that I’ll go into labor in the horrible Atlanta traffic and end up giving birth on the side of the road, aided by some greasy-but-good-samaritan trucker.  MKL and our bff both keep reassuring me that it’s coming this weekend, but I don’t buy it.  My belly has definitely dropped, and changes shape every day; but I’m just not convinced that it’s low enough to say we’ll have a baby in the next 4-5 days.   Nor do I really think my labor is going to be fast enough that I’ll go from zero to crowning in the length of a 45-minute commute…though I’ve definitely taken advantage of the “come in late and leave early to avoid the traffic” schedule all the same.

But maybe I’m wrong.  It’s been known to happen.  Maybe we’ll be blessed with our little bundle this weekend.  I have my fingers crossed!  Not literally, though.  Have I mentioned how puffy they are?


Showered June 23, 2012

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It has been an emotional day.  Today my mother and our bff threw us one hell of a party, and our family (biological and chosen) simply showered us.  We’ll never know how to thank the hostesses or the guests.  I am writing this in part to give them as much public love as possible, and in part to hopefully stop myself from crying.

We had asked to have a party – not a traditional baby shower.  No silly shower games, no passing the gifts around, and to have it include all our friends and family of both genders.  What we pictured was a simple brunch at a fabulous local restaurant – mimosas and bloody marys (and a special mocktail for me!), great food, great company.  What my mom and our lucky baby’s godmother gave us was so, so much more.  A room of nearly 50 people gathered to wish us well.  Along with all our local friends and family, MKL’s mother and a close family friend drove up from Florida in an amazing showing of love and support; my cousin and her husband packed up their still-tiny twins and made the 40 minute drive into the city, along with her mother who came in from Florida for the occasion; the minister who married us and his partner came in from an hour outside the city…all for us and our sweet little monkey.  Our all-too-generous florist friend packed the room with gorgeous flowers in the colors of our nursery, along with blocks and stuffed animals as centerpieces.  Guests were asked to add their stamp to a canvas in the colors of our nursery, creating a unique and truly special piece of custom artwork for the room.

Yes, we got great loot.  These folks really know how to buy some presents, and we’re beyond grateful for their efforts to fill our nursery.  What they probably don’t know is how much their presence really meant, and how much it did to fill our hearts.  The room overflowed with laughter and love, and it was written on everyone’s faces.  I kept telling people how overcome I was, and I really meant it.  I’m rarely at a loss for words, but as I saw each person at the party, I realized how much we relied on their prayers and support during the conception process, and how excited I am to have them as part of our child’s life.  All I could say was a ton of “thank yous” and “I love yous.”

Pregnancy hormones are raging, as usual.  I cry a lot these days.  But I’m pretty sure that even if there were no baby in my womb right now, I’d have had a really hard time keeping my eyes dry.  Everyone should experience what we got today.  I wish everyone the opportunity to have their family (biological and chosen) show them how much they are loved.  And I can promise that I will do my best to return their love at every turn from this moment on.


Magic June 3, 2012

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Everyone says pregnancy is a magical time.  And they’re right.  Today’s post breaks down the simple magic tricks we pregnant ladies do every day.  Read, and be amazed at our talent…

Disappearing Acts.  On a daily basis, my patience and sanity disappear without so much as an alacazam.  Case in point – the nursery.  The room that will soon house the baby was, until about 2 weeks ago, a multi-purpose space.  The transformation has involved hiring a crew to relocate the piano and some other heavier pieces of furniture; moving our home office upstairs; cleaning out a closet that’s stored everything from our vacuum cleaner to our dvd’s; and swapping out various bookshelves, framed photos, and decorative oddities throughout the rest of the house.  For awhile it seemed as though everywhere we turned, we found another something that had to be moved in order to make room for baby.  As MKL and I navigated our housekeeping “to-do” list, we argued, we compromised, and we longed for the day when we’d be able to stand in the doorway, admiring the finished product.

A few nights ago our bff came over to help us paint.  After dinner we started to clear a few last-minute things out of the room.  I’m not sure of the precise moment when my hormones took over, but apparently I wanted to give our guest/volunteer a show.  The logical part of me that usually predominates in any project setting gave in to the power of pregnancy magic and…poof!  It just disappeared.  As with every illusion, there was a cover – a distraction to take the audience’s attention away from the trick.  Pregnancy hormones became that cover, and I began to cry.  A lot.  For a good 10 minutes.  It seems that the hormones didn’t think we were making enough progress in the room.  My disappearing common sense knew better, though, and returned almost as quickly as it left.  Just like magic.

Levitation.  The art of levitation is one that I’m still mastering, but I’m getting there. I find that “pregnancy brain” has not just affected my basic arithmetic skills, but also my balance and coordination.  However, through the magic of pregnancy, I’ve been able to make entire glasses of liquid suspend themselves in mid-air for a few seconds before hitting the ground.  Sadly, those glasses are usually full of someone else’s drink and I seem to only be able to pull this trick off in public.  But I think it still counts.

Three-Card Monte.  In place of the cards in this trick, I use pairs of pants, three being the exact number of pairs I have that fit over my bump.  I flatly refuse to expand my wardrobe too much, since I’ll only be pregnant for another two months.  So each morning I do a little routine with my closet.  I move the three fitting pants around quickly and distract my own eye into thinking I’ve found the money pair.  And then I pick out one of a dozen maternity shirts and call it a day.  It may not be an impressive trick, and it’s really more of a con than any other.  But by the end of it, I’m fooled – albeit briefly – into thinking I don’t look like I’m smuggling a bowling ball.

Escape Trick.  It’s hard not to feel a little caged in a pregnant body.  We’re subject to a wide variety of physical symptoms, most of which you probably already know about: swollen feet, sore back and hips, stretch marks, etc.  And there are more that no one mentions to you until they happen, at which time some wise mother of six will confirm that she also got winded getting into the car, or that yes, it does in fact take a helper to get you off the couch by the time you hit 30 weeks.  She’ll probably also reassure you that your belly will eventually move on its own like that scene in Alien, but will hopefully convince you that all the visible movement is normal.  The physical side of pregnancy is well-documented, and impossible to escape until you’re ready to deliver.  The emotional symptoms are less well-known, and involve a lot more than letting your inner bitch shine through (personally, I mastered that skill long before I was pregnant).  The pregnant mind traps me into constant list-making.  I think all the time about what still needs to get done before the baby comes, play a game of “juggle the cash” in preparation for our meetings with the adoption attorney, and spend hours a day trying to figure out the baby’s gender.  But just for 45 minutes each day, I escape.  I spend my commute listening to inane chatter on morning radio, or singing at the top of my lungs.  And for those brief stretches of time, I am able to pull off the illusion, and let myself forget about the baby.  I can escape.

These tricks are each fascinating in their own special ways, and the body truly is full of surprises for these 9 months.  But the most magical part of pregnancy involves those around you.  It’s in the sweet and earnest “how are you” emails and texts from our friends and family.  It’s in the way my wife worries about my every move and anticipates my every need.  It’s in the fact that our bff actually came back yesterday to help us paint, and how our nursery magically looks like a nursery now.  The magic of pregnancy is that everyone who loves you is just as enchanted as you are.


Reality Check May 20, 2012

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I’ve considered re-naming this blog…something like “I Might Write Monthly” or “Remember When I Used to Post Here?”  It’s probably not worth apologizing for the lack of update, so I’ll just move on to what’s new.

We’re now 29 weeks pregnant, and now that we’re in the 3rd trimester, this gets more and more real every day.  My belly has become like another person in the room, and every now and again, I remember that it is.  The baby moves on a regular basis now and makes my bump ripple like a bag of jiffy pop, much to MKL’s delight.

Last night we went to a birthday party for one of the monkey’s many guncles (trans: gay uncles), and were reminded of how much love and anticipation has carried us through this process.  We also encountered someone who’d had one too many margaritas and asked quite possibly the rudest question I’ve heard yet.  Yes, worse than “When are you gonna get your waddle on?”  A very sweet gentleman who had known us for all of 5 minutes looked at me and said, “How much have you gained?”  Uh…whaaaa?  Fortunately I was in full-on social butterfly mode and without skipping a beat I replied, “Enough to know that I don’t want to say the number out loud.”  Pregnancy brain might prevent me from doing math, and makes me clumsy as hell, but at least it hasn’t removed 100% of my grace under pressure.

Throughout our conception efforts, we were fortunate to be immersed in the gay community.  Our beloved Doc and Guru are both gay, and their practice caters primarily to lesbians.  But the further along we get the more I realize that we are on a bit of a lesbian island in a breeder sea, even here in the very gay mecca of Atlanta.  Last week I had to take the 3-hour glucose test (after I failed the 1-hour screen).  I sat in our ob’s office, reading a book and waiting for the hourly blood draw.  As I watched the door, I also waited to see another prego-lesbo walk in.  I have a feeling I could’ve waited for a week or more with the same results.  Mom after mom was accompanied by dad after dad.  (I did pass the test, btw.)  Today we went to our hospital to attend a group tour of the maternity wing.  We were the third of eight couples to arrive.  And while there were no other lesbians, I had to giggle to myself when I realized that MKL blended perfectly with the other guys in her cute plaid shorts and preppy t-shirt. However, the giggling was short-lived as we stood in one of the labor/delivery rooms and the RN/tour guide walked us through the process, showing us monitors, warmers, and describing all the possible delivery positions that the bed can accomodate.  Delivery.  Whoa.  That’s when shit got real.

I have to say, though, that I was truly impressed at the RN/tour guide and one of the straight pregnant girls for their use of the words “partner” and “support person” in place of “father.”  I did feel like the odd mom out, but not in a persecuted-minority way.  We didn’t get “what are you doing here” looks.  We got “hmmm…two chicks and a baby, huh?” looks.  What last week’s appointment and today’s tour showed me is just how special our journey is, not just to us, but in a global sense.

This week: pediatrician interviews, movers to finish getting the nursery cleared out, and another prenantal visit wherein we will meet one of the other ob’s in our practice.  Next up: showers, birthing classes, more nursery prep, and yes, more reality.


The Fun Part March 4, 2012

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This weekend has been a revelation.  Yesterday MKL and I visited with my cousin and her husband, and met their 5-week-old twins, the adorable Hannah and Solomon.  Weighing in at 4 lbs, 13 oz and 5 lbs, 4 oz respectively, these two are tiny bundles of perfection.  They were born by emergency c-section 8 weeks before their due date, and they spent nearly a month in the NICU.  I have to admit, I expected them to look a little frail, but they are absolutely perfect in every way.  When we arrived they had just eaten, so they were content and sleepy – perfect baby-holding conditions.  MKL and I washed our hands the minute we had greeted the adults, and grabbed a baby.  And there we sat, catching up with family, each cradling a tiny miracle for the next few hours, and we couldn’t have been happier.  It made us both wish we could fast forward through the next five months so that we can hold our own little miracle.

Today I awoke in a fantastic mood.  The sun has been shining for the first time in what seems like weeks, and I had a whole day to spend with MKL – quality time that we haven’t had for what seems like months.  We’ve been pretty busy lately, and between our schedule and my need to still take it easy (yes, the bleeding is still here…grr), I also haven’t spent very much time with my bff, a woman who feeds my soul in a way I could never put into words.  This morning we exchanged “I miss you” texts that threw me into a fit of hysterical crying mixed with laughter.  It started when a sweet message she sent made me tear up, and then I started to giggle at the mere notion of the tears, which then gave way to full-on guffaws interlaced with sobs that made me lose my breath.  I looked up at the tv to see a rerun of Sex and the City – the episode where Miranda had just given birth to Brady and was having a hard time connecting with her non-mom friends.  I cried more, laughed more at myself, let MKL take a picture of the messy me, and changed the channel.  And then I realized that soon our bff will be right here, holding our baby and experiencing the same joy Hannah and Solomon gave us yesterday.  As much as I miss our gym dates, long walks, and dinners out, I’m just as excited to share the monkey with her.

The bleeding has had me a little down in the dumps lately.  I asked MKL the other day when this pregnancy will become fun.  The answer came this weekend, and the answer is now.  In what seems like the last three or four days, my belly has popped out.  The bump is officially here and visible.  And another new development: I can feel the baby move.  No discernible kicks or anything…the monkey’s still too small for that.  But every now and then my belly flutters, signaling yet another special dance.  I’m in a show next weekend, so I’ve been singing a lot and the baby seems to love it.  I’m picturing this now sweet-potato-sized monkey choreographing moves just for us whenever I start to sing and when MKL talks to my belly each morning (my absolute favorite part of the day).  I don’t really care that I feel like I’ve been on my period for a month, just in the time of my life when I should be given a break.  It doesn’t matter that my “take it easy” status has kept me from seeing the inside of the gym, or that I can’t walk more than a block or two, or even that it takes me an hour to find something to wear each morning.  This baby is real.  It’s really coming, and playing hostess to it is the most fun I’ve ever had.


Fear Factor February 5, 2012

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I like to think of myself as someone who is relatively fearless.  I don’t mind walking alone in the city, will always be the one to look down from a tall height, regularly perform in front of large crowds, and am able to confront most horror movies and raw emotions with little hesitation.  Don’t get me wrong – if presented with a clown, I will find the nearest exit with my eyes closed.  There are things I don’t particularly like to do, but most situations don’t scare me that much.  This week I am confronting an entirely new fear, and one that I didn’t know could exist at such a cellular level.

Tuesday’s ultrasound had us on cloud nine.  Not even Wednesday’s broken water heater could do much to dampen our spirits.  But then came Thursday.  Midafternoon on a regular Thursday at work, I started bleeding.  Not spotting.  Bleeding.  A lot.  It was entirely out of the blue and the most terrifying experience of my life.  I called MKL and the doctor (in that order) immediately, and all parties concluded that I should get myself to the doctor’s office as soon as possible. Then I called a co-worker, who was also a bridesmaid in our wedding, and asked her to meet me in the bathroom.  I don’t know what I said, but she arrived with her purse and car keys in hand.  I have to take a moment to thank my dear friend who came to my rescue.  She’s just the person you want to know when a crisis hits.  The entire 20-minute ride to the doctor, her voice never rose above a whisper, quietly reassuring me every few minutes that everything was going to be ok, as she gently patted my knee.  All I could do was sob.  I didn’t even want to think about what was likely happening, and couldn’t think of anything else.

Meanwhile, MKL packed up the boy she takes care of after school and beat us to the doctor’s office.  She looked shaken, but was definitely trying to hold it together for her ward (who incidentally had no idea I was pregnant).  The nurses took me back right away, and put me on a scale.  What?  you want to weigh me at a time like this?  Bitch.  Then came a urine sample.  Urine?  Really???  It took a total of 5 minutes to complete both tasks (which, in hindsight, would give some clues as to the cause of the blood), but it seemed like hours.  I wanted to scream, “get someone in here and make sure our baby’s ok, dammit!!!”  Instead, I just sobbed as our doctor’s assistant came in to tell me Dr. B wasn’t in the office, and stroked my arm to tell me everything would be fine.  After an eternity, or about 6 minutes in real-time, the midwife came in.  She placed a doppler ultrasound on my belly and played our favorite new song, a sweet little rhythmic wah-wah-wah-wah-wah noise that signals the baby’s heartbeat.  And then MKL and I exhaled for the first time in a half an hour.  A subsequent ultrasound showed the monkey, safe and sound, dancing for us.  It also showed my sub-chorionic bleed.  My what?  Oh yeah…that little hemorrhage in my uterus that doc discovered in my 8-week confirmation exam.

Just a refresher: a sub-chorionic hemorrhage (also known as a separation, a bleed, or a hematoma) is a gathering of blood between the sac and the wall of the uterus.  We knew I had one.  We’ve seen it on 2 ultrasounds, confirmed by 2 different doctors.  Most women who have one of these little annoyances are asymptomatic.  Since I’d never had any signs – none – we thought I was one of those ladies.  At no time did it occur to me that this random bleeding was related to that.  I didn’t even remember I had it!  Once we heard and saw the baby, the rest was a blur.  The midwife was an angel, and the doctor who came in next was great, though I don’t remember hearing a word she said.  Thankfully MKL paid attention.  I’m on pelvic rest, and should generally take it easy.  No real activity until I’ve gone at least a week without any blood.

That night as the well-wishes and “phew – thank God you’re ok” sentiments poured in from our sweet friends, the bleeding subsided.  By morning it was nearly gone.  Somewhere in my head I knew it could come back.  So there’s no telling why it was such a shock to me when it returned yesterday evening.  This time my reaction was a little different, at least externally.  I didn’t sob.  I listened to the chorus of fears that played on a loop in my head and calmly rationalized with the voices, repeating a chant of my own: “I know what this is.  I know what this is.”  The fear loop won out a few times, but was eventually defeated shortly after midnight when the bleeding slowed and I went to bed.  Other than a brief outing up the road to our bff’s house to shower (still no hot water…grrr), Dr. MKL has confined me to the house today.  That means I’m cooped up with my own thoughts, which can be really dangerous.  I’m prone to scouring the wise internet in times of uncertainty, and there’s a lot of misleading information out there about sub-chorionic bleeding.  Surprising, huh?  The internet is usually such a reliable source of truth.  I choose to believe the doctor – this is a condition that hasn’t yet and won’t threaten the monkey.  It’s just a nuisance, and if the symptoms get worse I will call the office.

It is an unseasonably warm day here in Atlanta.  68 degrees and sunny.  It’s the kind of day that puts us in the mood to pack up the dog, some snacks, and a few magazines and head to the park.  Or walk for a few miles around our neighborhood, soaking up sun and friendly “hellos” from the folks doing the same or prepping their yards and grills for Super Bowl parties.  But not today.  The closest I’m getting to that today is lounging around on the deck while I write this.  I’m even trying not to rock in this rocking chair…pelvic rest, and all.

I’m still scared.  It’s hard not to be.  But perspective comes in strange forms.  Today mine came in the form of a picture of one of my cousin’s almost-week-old twins, as taken from this morning’s feeding in the NICU.  Both she and the babies were in some danger, so they were delivered by emergency c-section, weighing in at around 4 lbs apiece.  We hope they will be able to leave the hospital in the next few weeks.  Until then, every day my cousin and her husband go to the NICU to hold their babies, and every day they go home without them, giving me a new model for fearlessness.

By the way, the fabulous friend who drove me to the doctor’s office Thursday also watched MKL’s ward in the waiting room while we were in with the doctor.  In her attempt to be as calming to him as she was to me, she inadvertently spilled our news and told him we’re going to have a baby.  He’s ecstatic.  If we don’t name the baby after him, he wants us to name it Wrangler.  After MKL’s Jeep.


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