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The Final Countdown July 21, 2012

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The most recent picture of the belly…large and in charge at 35 weeks!!

15 more days.  360 hours.  But who’s counting?  Oh yeah – everyone.  I’m counting.  MKL is counting.  Our parents and friends are counting.  Even strangers are counting: “How much longer do you have?”  Not much longer.  I guess…

At Monday’s doctor’s appointment, we found out that our doc doesn’t do cervical checks until 39 or 40 weeks.  Most women know by now if they’re starting to dilate or if their cervix is thinning in preparation for labor.  They also are starting to hear from their doctors an estimate of the baby’s size.  Not us.  Our doc explained that cervical checks at this point in pregnancy are not very scientific, and typically just make women paranoid and obsessive about when labor will start.  If I start getting more intense Braxton-Hicks contractions or any kind of pre-labor pains, they’ll check me.  But if things continue to progress normally until my due date, they’ll probably just leave well enough alone.  I get it…if I know I’m 3cm dilated, I’ll think a sneeze could push the baby out, or will be more suspicious of those nagging Braxton-Hicks “practice” contractions.  However, my doc seems to have overlooked the fact that every other ob in our area works differently and I know a lot of pregnant women right now, all of whom seem to report in weekly on their cervical progress.  So now I’m left out of the “race to efface.”

Other women also seem to have baby weight estimates already.  My fundal height (distance between the bottom and top of my uterus) measures accurately for this point in pregnancy.  So no need for an ultrasound.  Great.  Really.  I don’t want to sound ungrateful for that – all we’ve asked for is a healthy pregnancy.  But without another ultrasound, there’s no real way to guess the baby’s size.  MKL’s very scientific estimate: 7-10 lbs.  Again, I understand the logic.  At this point I’m not terribly afraid of labor – I know it’s going to hurt, but I’m trying to stick with the whole “my body was meant to do this” mantra.  So if I know this is a whopper of a baby, maybe the fear will sink in.  And I firmly believe fear of labor will make the whole process longer and more difficult.  Again, I just have to trust our doctors and my body.

By the time you hit 38 weeks’ pregnant, you’ve likely done all the preparing you’re going to do.  I know we have.  I keep thinking there’s something else we can do to occupy our time while we wait for our new arrival, but there’s really not much left.  Everyone says to “savor these last days of just the two of you.”  And we are.  We’re doing all we can to spend quality time together, give extra love to our precious pup, and go out to dinner with friends while we don’t need a sitter.  In the meantime, a friend posted this on facebook, and I am doing all I can to embrace it:


3 Responses to “The Final Countdown”

  1. Phil Says:

    Not that it hasn’t been exciting the whole time, it’s really getting so now!


  2. femmemcgee Says:

    so excited for you! oh, and now I have the final countdown stuck in my head. thanks.


  3. hirsandhers Says:

    hir view

    This is such an exciting time for you! Each step in your little one’s life will bring a ton of excitement. My son is three now.


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