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The Calm Before the Storm September 14, 2011

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Karl from Privilege Aluxes

We took this pic in Isla Mujeres, Mexico a year ago today as tropical storm Karl hovered across the gulf.

There are times in this journey when I think I can’t take another day…the ups, the downs, the good news, the bad news.  But now is not one of those times.  For the next few days there’s not a lot going on – just some meds and ovulation predictor kits.  It’s like that eerie calm that sets in just as you see the storm roll in on the horizon.  So the idea is that I’m supposed to use this lull to go about my regular life – go to work, exercise, eat right, keep stress levels down, etc.  But the process is so all-consuming that any of those activities is made nearly impossible.  It’s hard to work out without thinking about how I’ll feel on the elliptical machine when there’s a basketball in my waistband.  When discussing projects at work that will be completed 5 months from now, my mind wanders to the different facets of our life that will have changed by then.  Starting on Monday with the trigger shot, the focus will shift back to physical side effects and emotional yo-yo tricks.  So I would be really well-advised to enjoy the next few days.  Sadly, I suck at taking my own advice.  But I’m working on it. 

I took my last dose of letrozole tonight, the lovely pill that makes sure I ovulate properly by stimulating follicle development.  Doc and the guru prefer letrozole to clomid, its more popular sister drug.  I’m not entirely sure why there’s a preference, but I’ve read there are terrible side effects from clomid, and I’ve only had a few headaches as a result of the letrozole.  No arguments here. 

The only other progress of note is that our swimmers have arrived!  Back when we used to spend money on things that weren’t intended to make us parents, I’d shop online and track the shipments of my treasures as they made their way across the country.  Buying sperm online takes that ritual to an unprecedented level of obsession.  But I’m happy to say that FedEx got our boys safely into the guru’s possession in preparation for next week. 

With our samples here, my follicle-stimulating medication complete, and a day’s reprieve before I have to start the pee-stick routine, the stage is set.  Perhaps I’ll be able to listen to my own advice after all…


One Response to “The Calm Before the Storm”

  1. April Gigi Says:


    but clomid starts tonight. deep breath.

    i thanked you in my blog today.

    enjoy these last few days of calm …


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