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The Two-Week-Tango September 11, 2011

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An update from Friday’s exam: Doc and the guru were in a great mood, which really helped with my whole “relax and enjoy” theory.  We laughed through the whole appointment.  I got praises for having lost a few lbs since the last weight check and we got good news on the ultrasound screen.  Ovaries looked good and ready to go for another round.  We already have more activity than we did at the same point last cycle, so we’re moving up meds, trigger, and IUI by a day.  There was also activity in the right ovary this time, which sounded promising to me; last time I only had follicles in the left.  Of course none of this guarantees success this time.  It just means we’re headed in the right direction and there doesn’t seem to be any physical impediment to pregnancy.  I certainly can’t ask for more than that.

The primary goal of the early-cycle exam is to make sure the body is on track for another attempt.  They check for developing follicles and look at general ovarian function.  When everything checks out ok, the guru hands us a little card with our schedule for the next 14 days; getting this little card is my real goal.  That little card tells us when to order sperm, when to start taking my “pretty egg” pills, and gives dates & times for the trigger shot and inseminations.  When I read the card and put everything on my calendar, it all becomes real and the dance of the Two-Week-Tango commences.  Going through this process forces you to live your life in 2-week increments.  It takes roughly 2 weeks to develop the follicles before insemination.  Then of course there’s the miserable 2 weeks that follow, where you chew your fingernails to the quick, wondering if you’re pregnant.  If you’re not, you get about 24 hours to breathe before you look ahead at the next goal, 14 days away. In the meantime, you try to treat your body like you’re already pregnant – eating the best food you can, exercising plenty, and fighting off stress at all costs.  There’s no way you get bored on this journey.  Good thing, too.  Because when there’s a rare lull in my day, my thoughts inevitably drift to little toes, the sweet smell of baby powder, footie pajamas, and that wonderful feeling of an infant sleeping on my chest. 

Soon, monkey…soon.


One Response to “The Two-Week-Tango”

  1. April Gigi Says:

    i will be going for my ultrasound on wednesday morning to check out if i have any cysts. then i will go back on sunday to see what’s happening with my follicles – unfortunately, my left tube is blocked and i ovulated on the right last month. so i am worried that if it’s only on the left this month we will have to wait another cycle (which for me is every 19-42 days … sigh)


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